Karelia’s Discord is currently a two-member group and we’re looking to expand our band, as we want to progress in writing music, and more importantly, playing live as a band. The dynamics and chemistry are vastly different with band members and we wish to create and captivate that energy when we take our music to the stage. I’ve personally thought it was better to delay the recruitment until CHRYSALIS was complete to provide ourselves with a portfolio of concepts and genres that we artistically portray, which gives a better insight to potential candidates to synergize with our aesthetic vision and direction. Now that it is complete, the next step can open up with finding the right people with the right attitude to make music together, creating a mark somewhere, in this world.


We play a variety of genres and are not afraid to experiment. Musically, we’re very atmospheric and draw a big sound on our blank canvas and have upbeat, loud rhythms. The term ‘Visual Rock’ derives from our heavy influences of Japanese rock, more specifically, the Visual Kei movement. Categorically, you could coin Karelia’s Discord under a variety of umbrella genres such as ROCK, POP, PUNK, JAZZ FUSION, METAL, AVANT GARDE, EXPERIMENTAL, SHOEGAZE to name a few. Our biggest draws are from Japanese bands such as DIR EN GREY, The GazettE, Sukekiyo to name a few, and many western influences such as Muse, The Mars Volta, A Perfect Circle and many more bands. We don’t stick to a specific genre as our sound constantly is evolving and we believe that having fresh ideas combining different genres together to blend your own unique sound is true freedom to express your senses, musically. That said, we all have our own little niches and styles that we rub off onto each other, such as myself preferring a moodier, ethereal approach in songs such as Luna or Soma, while Karshyra blends in heavier influences prevalent in tracks like Pulse. We assume you’ve had a listen to our album by now, which can be found on SoundCloud, Spotify, iTunes etc.


Our image and brand are important to us, as evident from the way we do things to our music video and social media content, and it is expected of our candidates, to some extent, to mesh with this ideal and contribute to that. The majority of the graphical work and ideas are done by myself as it’s one of the things I really enjoy doing, being able to express my vision in mind; this is done with a democratic approach with Karshyra so we’d like to have everybody have a say. Candidates would ideally be into the aesthetics that we are, including in material that we produce and our expansive wardrobe and use of effects. A sense of style is required for it to work, although this can be developed and refined, later on.


Musical knowledge is required to some minimum standard that we expect, but it is more important to know your way on how to work with DAWs, recording and your actual musical ability more so than explicit theoretical knowledge of music.


Location is not too important, as I am located in Aberdeen, Scotland, and Karshyra in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Bands such as Periphery manage to pull this concept out; we don’t see why we could not, either.

I’d like for potential candidates to reside within Europe but again; this is not a deal breaker.


The ideal candidate should be motivated and driven to work hard, contributing to the band and most of all, enjoying what they do within the band and not feel restricted with artificial limitations; we need people that really love music and have a burning passion to express themselves on and off stage. Your attitude is what defines you and we personally believe in hard work and that it will pay off.

We know that while this may not be your main profession for now, that we can commit to it fully when it does become one; this is not merely a hobby, it’s a way of life that should be taken seriously.


I hope to seek out the people that are like minded and get to play and spend time with them, walk through the good and bad times and face our hardships together. You do not have to be the next John Petrucci skillwise; I am not either. Far from it. But there is a bar that we've set within our band, and hard work will pay off.

I dream of the day that I can play this music in front of people that have discovered this band; I dream of the day that I can truly express myself in this world.

If you're interested, please submit an e-mail to zephios@kareliasdiscord.com or use our contact form with a small portfolio of presented work you have worked on; this could be anything that defines you as a musician
and that expresses your artistry, along with a small biography of yourself that tells more about you, and why think you'd like to join the band.

I look forward in meeting you.